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Date: 11th July 2018
Tomato Extract
Lycopene extracted from tomato can be used as antioxidant,Website:, it has a greater than average ability to "quench" free radicals that cause damage to cells. Excessive free radical damage has been implicated in the development of heart disease, Alzheimer's disease and many cancers, as well as accelerated aging. Latin Name: Solanum Lycopersicum Place of Origin: Xinjiang, China (Mainland) Part: Fruit Appearance: Deep Red Powder Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction Specification Available: 5%, 6%, 10%, 20% Lycopene Function of tomato extract Tomato Extract Prevent cancer and anti-aging; Tomato ExtractAnti-ultraviolet radiation, and protection of the cardiovascular, improving skin allergies; Tomato Extract Suppression mutagenesis and enhancing immunity; Tomato Extract Improve a variety of body tissues; Tomato Extract Lower blood pressure, relieve asthma; Tomato Extract Prevent prostatic hyperplasia, and other urological diseases; Tomato Extract Improve sperm quality,reduce the risk of infertility. Application of Tomato Extract Tomato Extract can be used as Food additives, Tomato Extract can be used as pharmaceutical, Tomato Extract can be used as cosmetics
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